Abstract Submissions

Important Points and Rules for Submission Of Abstracts

Abstracts should be sent online, in ENGLISH or TURKISH, via the website using the abstract system. Abstracts sent via e-mail and post regardless of the system will not be accepted. Since the abstracts sent over the internet will be published in the same way if accepted, attention should be paid to spelling errors.

September 10th, 2021

Rules for Abstracts
1. Abstracts will be gathered via the online abstract system.
2. Names of the authors must not include their academic titles.
3. Names must be written with only the first letter capitalized, and unabbreviated.
4. The name and address of the institution where the author works must be included.
5. Abstracts headers must be in title case (first letters capitalized only), with the exception of abbreviations.
6. If abbreviations are used in the abstract, the unabbreviated form must be included in parentheses.
7. The objective and material of the project must be briefly stated. Results must be summarized with sufficient numerical data, and conclusions should be explained within the results presented.
8. The abstract must contain the following headers: Objective, Material, Method, Results, Conclusion and Keywords.
9. The abstract, not including the title, author’s name and surname must not exceed 500 words.
Please note any abstract that does not fit with one of the instructions above will be out of evaluation and rejected.

Abstract Evaluation
All abstracts and proceedings will be blind reviewed by the Scientific Committee. An acceptance letter concerning the abstract evaluation result will be e-mailed to the author.